Orc Hunter

Use your crossbow to kill an army of Orc who want to eliminate you in this dangerous mission.

Death Escape

Survives death and get 2000 coins on a dangerous mission in this Stickman game.

Gangsta Killa

Escape the neighborhood band in a very dangerous shootout where you chase with cars, motorcycles, helicopters ...

Time Twist

Get out alive in this dangerous mission and escape of enemy military base.

Desert Defence 2

Resist waves of enemies, use your weapons and better your attacks to destroy them .

American Soldier

Eliminate all the enemies in this 3D shooter game, how long you will be able to survive?

Dark Ranger

Excellent shooting medieval defence with lot of weapons, magic, upgrades and enemies. Find the original and fun minigame.

Fort Warrior

Ride your horse to defend the Fort Warrior against goblins and other enemies.

3 Defenders

Intense shooting defence game where you will travel around the land, defeating your enemies, and searching the 2 big bosses. Upgrades and Achievements.

The Walking Stick

Action Shooter with featured by Jim and based on the well known series "The Walking Dead"